Up and Down 2022 season

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It has been a up and down season for Jeremy and Jaycie.  Jeremy has had a ton of bad luck this 2022 season, between breaking a frame early in the year to fighting brake problems, tire issues, and overall just bad luck circumstances on the track.  He is determined to turn the luck around.  He has been working hard in the garage to prepare for two of his biggest and favorite events of the year.  Next up for Jeremy will be Sept 16 at Jacksonville Speedway for the Carolyn Schuh Memorial, then the 17th he will head to Spoon River Speedway for the Tom Knowles Memorial.

Jaycie will resume next weekend at ALQMA and CCMQA on September 10th and 11th.  Also don’t forget we will be starting our annual world series fundraiser.  Check the website and social media for updated link and info regarding the fund raiser.  This fund raiser is taking place of our race party we used to have.



Author: jeremy