Weekend Disaster

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It was not a good weekend for Jeremy and crew. It started out good, but ended badly both nights. Jacksonville started out with drawing the 49 pill and starting last in the heat. Jeremy worked his way up to 5th and earned enough passing points to start 9th in the feature. Right before the green flag flew the RR tire got a hole in it and coming out of turn 4 Jeremy got ran over and started flipping which ended up landing on the front stretch inside wall and bending the frame. Jeremy and crew worked hard all day saturday to try to get the racecar raceable for Saturday night at Macon speedway and did just that. They got to Macon and drew the 49 pill once again. Jeremy started last in the heat and came up to 3rd place, which put him the in the redraw. Jeremy drew the 3 and started 2nd row inside for the feature. He was running 4th when the car half spun and and fell back to 10th. Going for the checkered flag he got in in the side and got spun out going across the finish line which ended the night with an 11th place finish. Jeremy will start stripping the car in hopes he can fix the frame and be ready to go back into action with mowa starting at the end of August.


Author: jeremy