Weather Changes Plans

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The original plan was to go race the MOWA/All Star race at jacksonville speedway, when Mother Nature had other plans cancelling the event around 3:45pm. As we were sitting outside in the parking lot, we got a wild idea to just head south to Granite City IL and take the wings off and go non wing racing. Since we didn’t have our non wing axle and tires needed for non wing it was definitely a challenging night. Jeremy of course drew dead last in the heat and finished 7th. Had to start 9th in the bmain and finished 5th, was in the transfer spot and hit the inside tractor tire going for the white flag and couldn’t hardly steer the car. All in all, was a fun night just getting out and racing. We might not have had the results we wanted but was definitely a fun night. Thank you to all our sponsors and fans that support us week in and week out and to our great crew Ron Standridge and Jim Rapps for all the help. We will prepare for this saturdays MOWA event at Fairbury Speedway.


Author: jeremy