IL/IOWA Weekend Recap

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Its been a long time since Jeremy has visited Lee County Speedway. Matter of face it was 2012 since the last time Jeremy has raced there. Both tracks this past weekend were very slick and starting position made a huge difference. Jeremy had a stacked heat for friday night and basically started where he finished, struggling with a ill handling racecar. Jeremy Started 17th in the feature, and the 2nd lap the top wing ram came loose and Jeremy lost control of his wing cylinder, causing the wing to move forward and back without any control of it. Jeremy managed to move up a few spots and salvage a 14th place finish.

The next night at Spoon River Speedway Jeremy drew a 46 which put him in the back of another heat race. Once again was very hard to pass and almost follow the leader in the heat. Jeremy was able to move up one spot and finish fifth. He started 13th in the feature and managed to move up to 8th and struggled with the setup again just a bit. The team will regroup and prepare for the next race at the end of June at Jacksonville Speedway in Jacksonville, IL


Author: jeremy